Luca Attanasio’s Winery

Luca Attanasio’s Farm is a young and dynamic company, which bases its roots on a long experience, the result of a well-established family tradition in the cultivation and vinification o Primitivo di Manduria, an autochthonous vine of Puglia par excellence.

Luca, who is also the winemaker of the company, works without forgetting that the territory and the passion of the carer are the starting point for obtaining excellent products, only through a passionate and careful oenological interpretation it can contribute to the affirmation of a qualitative style of great personality.

A young company with a long experience

The work of Luca Attanasio is synonymous of business competence and love for this work, memory of the origins and respect for the future, always looking for an environmental sustainability that is revealed with extreme care in every agronomic practice on the vineyards, in all phases of vinification, until tastings and direct sales of wines.

wooden wine box

From the vine to the bottle

The history of Luca Attanasio's wines begins in the vineyards with the careful and daily care of the rows and the cellar is the space where the qualitative premises of the vineyard are concretized in a definitive way. It is not just a matter of technique and technology, counts above all the presence of man, that with his skills and his creativity can transform the various production phases in a wine adopt policies focused at the highest quality.

Vinification and bottling
of Primitivo di Manduria

The entire production chain follows strictly controlled procedures both from a hygienic and a methodological point of view. The grapes are harvested by hand and transferred to the cellar, after crushing the must ferments at a controlled temperature and then ripen in the appropriate tanks. Once the maturation is complete, the wine is bottled or transferred to the French oak barrels necessary for refining the Primitivo, which will then be bottled later in time.

From the vine to the bottle

The short supply chain of Primitivo di Manduria by Luca Attanasio

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